A more efficient service for your transactions in Euros

January 5, 2023
4 min reading time
Team Paymium

In order to offer better processing of deposits and withdrawals in Euros, Paymium has chosen to team up with a new banking partner: RailsBank whose electronic money institution is Payrnet.

We initiated this migration process on February 16th. At the end of the process*, all Paymium customers** whose accounts are validated will be able to get a unique IBAN, associated to their account exclusively.

This update is an essential step that will allow you to benefit from new features in the future.

💡 Short disruptions of the Euro services may occur.

Migration Calendar

  • February 16th 2022: Start of the migration
  • February 22nd 2022: EUR desposit and withdrawal services interruption
  • February 26, 2022: Dedicated IBAN service available - Migration completed

* We invite our clients who do not want their Euros to be moved to our new banking partner to withdraw their funds now.

**German, Austrian and Malta residents will not be migrated for now following their country own regulations. An emails with the detailed instructions has been sent to the concerned users .

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