What is BCIO
• Ticker: DAI
• Type: ERC-20 Token, stablecoin
• Circulating supply: 7 286 305 863
• Whitepaper: Read
(07/20/2022 - Coinmarketcap)
• Ticker : BCIO
Algorithm : Proof of Stake (ERC 20)
Maximum supply : 100,000,000
Total supply : 46,713,323.57 (27/10/2022)
Contract : 0xcdc412f306e0c51e3249b88c65423cd16b322673

The BCIO is an ERC20 token. BCIOs are utility tokens designed to enhance the Paymium user experience and reward loyalty.

Users who hold a certain amount of BCIOs unlock access to new exclusive features and rewards.

Initially launched during the ICO of the Blockchain.io exchange platform, it is officially designated as a Paymium utility token following the merger of the two platforms.

BCIO owners can view their balance on their Paymium interface but it was not possible to buy or sell it for the time being. In the meantime, some decentralized platforms such as Uniswap and Balancer allow to exchange it on liquidity pools. 

The uses of BCIO will be detailed and integrated into Paymium soon. 
More information to come.