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Our roadmap
This roadmap is designed to provide an overview of our most important ongoing projects. It is not exhaustive and may change without notice.
Features are displayed in order of priority (upcoming releases are at the top of the list). Last update: November 2023.
priority 1: COMPLETED✔️
Migration to a new banking partner

Our previous banking partner's license was suddenly revoked. This unexpected situation forced us to prioritize a migration to another partner bank.

Credit card purchase

Bringing back the bank card as a means of payment to buy cryptocurrencies.

PrioritY 3 : COMPLETED✔️
Open Banking

Log on to your bank's interface and execute your transfers without having to leave Paymium.

PrioritY 4: COMPLETED✔️
Improved matching engine performance

The "matching engine" is the system used to match and execute orders on our marketplace. The next version will considerably enhance the performance of our marketplace, enabling us to execute more orders, faster and on more trading pairs.

PrioritY 5
Improved user interface on the mobile application

Revamping the registration process and improving the overall usability of the webapp and mobile application.

New cryptocurrencies added

We want to make new investment opportunities available to our customers, starting with the cryptocurrencies advertised on our site (BCH, BAT, BCIO, DAI, LTC). This list is not definitive.

PrioritY 7
Integration of BCIO token uses on Paymium

The BCIO token is designed to grant exclusive advantages to its owners on the platform, such as reduced fees. More information to come.