A service tailored to your
Over the counter operations
Dedicated support for your transactions over €50,000.
Paymium is registered as a DASP with the AMF. Registration
Trade Bitcoins "Over-The-Counter" with Paymium to access higher liquidity while benefiting from a secured settlement and a personalized support, in less than 2 hours (for Paymium users who have validated their KYC, completed the required due diligence and have sufficient funds available in their account).
Why should you trust Paymium for your institutional transactions?
Trading large volumes on public trading venues is slow and might lead to price discrepancies.

To execute buy and sell orders from €50,000 (or BTC equivalent) or more, connect with our experienced team and benefit from support tailored to your needs.
Ultra-secure service
The entire transaction takes place on Paymium, you run no risk of default. Based in Paris since day one, we keep 99% of bitcoins in our cold-storage system. To better protect your assets and rights, we are registered as DASP (Digital Asset Service Provider) with the French regulator AMF (number E2021-011).
Custom & convenient

Receive the service of a dedicated account manager and benefit from a first-class support. Choose the communication channel that suits you best.
Benefit from privileged support during the creation of your account and at each step of the use of our services.
Pioneering Team
With more than 10 years of existence, three generations of exchange platforms, and more than 230,000 users, Paymium is internationally recognized for its reliability and the expertise of its team.
Paymium was created by a team of French pioneers with more than 25 years of experience in the field of cryptography.
Comment trader via le service OTC (de gré à gré)?
How to trade over-the-counter?
Meet with your personal account manager
Benefit from the service of a dedicated account manager who will contact you through the channel of your choice. During the meeting, he/she will be evaluating your needs in order to provide you with the service that best meets your requirements.
Send us some essential information about the transaction you wish to carry out. You will then receive a mail that will guide you through the next steps.

Fill the form to request a quote.
Congratulations, you are all set. Reach out to request a quote, fund your Paymium account and confirm the transaction. The settlement is close to instant and delivery is done directly on Paymium.
Not a Paymium user yet?
Security and compliance is key at Paymium, users are asked to complete a short mandatory identification process before they place their first buy or sell order.

Create or log in to your existing account to complete the identification procedure.
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Questions to ask
How to start?
What is Bitcoin?
Paymium ?
Notre équipe est basée à Paris, France et engagée au service des européens.
10 années à votre service. Paymium a été fondé en 2011, deux ans seulement après la création du premier bitcoin.
Le respect des réglementations
Nous défendons une industrie responsable et respectueuse de la législation.
La sécurité
99% de nos fonds en bitcoins sont stockés à froids.
230 000 clients
Des clients du monde entier nous font confiance
Enregistrement PSAN
La qualité de notre service est reconnu par l'Autorité des Marchés Financiers.Voir plus
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