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July 25, 2022
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Team Paymium

Our platform is evolving to prepare for new features and comply with regulations. Say goodbye to your trusty Tradeboard and hello to your Crypto and Euro accounts! You can now access a view of your balances at a glance by hovering your mouse over the "Account Balances" menu in the upper right section on your desktop.

The Crypto Accounts: your new homepage

On this page you will find your Bitcoin balance (and Bitcoin Cash, only if you have any) as well as shortcuts to the main actions associated with the crypto-currency.We have kept the view of your current and previous orders on the BTC/EUR market.

The Euro accounts: a new mechanism

The euros you hold on Paymium can be used in two different ways: to be traded on the BTC/EUR market and to be deposited/withdrawn from your bank account. We have therefore introduced two accounts dedicated to these operations: the buy/sell account to buy/sell on the marketplace and the deposit/withdrawal account allowing you to deposit/withdraw by bank transfer. In addition, you will find the history of your operations concerning only euros on this page.

The internal transfers

To transfer your euros between your two accounts, we have created a dedicated page allowing you to transfer your funds in a free and instantaneous way. Choose the issuing account, the amount and add a comment if you wish then click on "Transfer". The credit is done instantly. If you want to transfer all the funds at once, click on the Max button above the Amount field.


Q: Where will your euros arrive when transferring to Paymium? A: Your euros will arrive in your deposit/withdrawal account. If you want to exchange them for bitcoins, you have to make an internal transfer to your buy/sell account.Q: Why separate Crypto and Euro accounts? A: This distinction is necessary to comply with regulatory requirements.Q: Why did we create two separate Euro accounts? A: To prepare for the arrival of new features and a very significant improvement in the performance of our trading engine.

Q: I have an active Recurring Buying Plan (RBP). Which euro account will be debited?A: The RBP is made from your euro buy/sell account. You must make an internal transfer from your deposit/withdrawal account to your buy/sell account in order for your recurring purchase to be completed.Q: I want to send euros by email. Which account will be debited?A: Email shipments are made from your deposit/withdrawal account.

If you need assistance, open a support ticket or contact us by email at [email protected]

The Paymium team

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