Euro services to resume gradually [Completed]

June 23, 2023
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Team Paymium

First published 06/24/23 - Last updated 10/09/23

Following our partner's banking license revocation, we are no longer able to continue working with Railsr as of June 23, 2023 (to find all the details regarding this decision, we invite you to read the article published by the Bank Of Lithuania, the regulatory authority in charge of controlling Railsr).

Status of our services - 10/09/23

The immediate consequence is the interruption of some Paymium services. In particular, services related to the Euro and trading.

However, the platform remains open for:

  • Cryptocurrency trading (✔️up and running again)
  • Euro deposits (✔️up and running again)
  • Withdrawals in Euros (processing of requests is temporarily slow),
  • Crypto deposits or withdrawals,
  • The OTC service.

Moreover, as crypto wallets are kept at Paymium, these are absolutely unaffected and our customers' crypto funds remain entirely available.‍

[UPDATE 10/09/2023]

The Recurring Buy Plan is available. All services are online.

[UPDATE 09/26/2023]

Merchant payment services and BCIO's buyback program are available.

[UPDATE 09/13/2023]
Cryptocurrency trading services in euros are available (market orders and limit orders).

[UPDATE 09/12/2023] 

Euro deposits are available again. You can now generate your personalised IBAN and deposit euros on your account here. Exchanges will resume in the next few hours.

[UPDATE 09/04/2023] 

Paymium's euro operations will be gradually restored according to the following schedule:

  • Between September 6 and 13: Euro deposits, limit orders (trading and brokerage)
  • Before September 20: Credit card purchase (new service), recurring purchase plan, email transfer, euro withdrawal 
  • From September 21: Merchant payment

About your euro funds deposited on Paymium:

Your funds are safe during this period of migration to a new banking partner, which is being carefully organized under the supervision of the Lithuanian and Belgian central banks.

You will soon be able to trade and withdraw your euro funds as you have always done. We'll provide you with more information as soon as the procedure has been validated by the relevant financial authorities and our partners.

In the meantime, your funds will temporarily appear in your account in the "in progress" column (dashboard, "my euros" tab).

[UPDATE 08/23/2023] 

Paynovate (, a reputable Belgian banking institution, has officially become our new banking partner. With this new partnership, you will once again be able to exchange and store your euro funds with complete confidence.

We are still awaiting further details on the date of the migration of the Euro funds to your Paymium accounts.
The Bank of Lithuania has published an article on that topic on 22/08/2023. 

UAB Payrnet has also announced the return of the majority of the funds by the end of August (

Our team si currently working on integrating Paynovate on Paymium. We will communicate an accurate and precise calendar of the reopening of all our services as soon as possible.

[UPDATE 07/12/2023]

The EURO funds you have deposited in your Paymium account are safe. There are strict procedures for securing and transferring these funds. In our case, it's the Bank of Lithuania, the central bank of Lithuania (a member of the European Union), which is responsible for safekeeping and supervising operations.
We are currently awaiting further details from the Central Bank of Lithuania on the next steps in the procedure. We will give you further details as soon as we have a reliable estimate of how long it will take to restore our services or return your Euro funds.

We will keep you regularly informed of developments so that you can continue to use Paymium under the best conditions.

We remain at your disposal of via support ticket.

The Paymium Team

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