Information on the bug search reward program

January 5, 2023
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Team Paymium

Paymium Bug Bounty Program

The new Paymium interface is available since October 10, 2022.

You want to contribute to its improvement? Report to our team the bugs you encounter and receive rewards.

How do I participate?

Here are the steps to follow in order to benefit from the program:

Attention: a bug must be reproducible in a well-defined context (i.e. I am on a certain page and I clicked on a specific button) and environment (device, operating system, version...)

If you want to report a new bug that you have encountered:

  1. Check the list of previously reported bugs at the end of the article.
    Connect to your account.
  2. Go to the drop-down menu of your profile in the "Support Ticket" section.
    Create a new ticket and select the "Bug Report" category in the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter details of your bug and submit your ticket.
    - Environment (device, OS, version...)
    - Context in which the bug occurs
    - Procedure to replicate the dysfunctional behavior
    - Your nickname (or indicate that you wish to remain anonymous).

If our team does not have enough information, your participation may not be admissible.
Once we receive your ticket, we will evaluate the bug and rank it according to its priority. For this program we have established 3 different categories:

  • Critical: the reported bug is disrupting the normal use of the platform or presents a risk
  • Normal: the reported bug is disrupting the normal use of the platform but is not interrupting its operation
  • Minor: the reported bug is not disrupting the normal use of the platform or interrupting its operation.


The rewards of the program are delivered with BCIO Tokens. After receiving your ticket and following our evaluation, we will be able to tell you if the bug is eligible for a reward according to the following scale:

  • 100 BCIO Tokens for a critical bug
  • 50 BCIO Tokens for a normal bug
  • 25 BCIO Tokens for a minor bug

The reward is then credited to the BCIO Wallet of your Paymium account.
To avoid abuse, we reserve the right not to reward exceptional minor bugs.

The BCIO Token

The utility token of Paymium is the BCIO Token. BCIO Tokens are utility tokens designed to enhance the Paymium user experience and reward loyalty. All users who hold BCIO Tokens on Paymium will soon have access to exclusive services and rewards.
The uses of the BCIO Token will be integrated into Paymium in the near future. More information to come.

List of bugs already reported

Critical level :


Normal level :

  • Inconsistencies in account websocket receipts.
  • It takes a very long time for unlocked Euro funds to be available again.

Minor level:

  • The export of the history produces an error in case of modification of the period date.
  • Help button not working.
  • Left menu text overlaps.
  • Italian user interface with missing strings presented at login form.
  • Display of notifications and amounts in English.


Duration of the program:

  • The program is open until 31.12.2022.
  • Paymium can stop or extend the program at any time without notice.


  • Paymium solely determines the amount of the reward.
  • The amounts indicated in the article are given as an indication.
  • The reward can only be paid to a validated Paymium account.
  • Paymium allows itself time to investigate the presence of the reported bug before paying out a reward.


  • It is possible to participate more than once.
  • If multiple participants report the same bug, Paymium may choose to pay out a reward only to the first participant to discover the bug.
  • If the evidence shared by the participant is insufficient to determine the existence of the bug, no reward will be paid.

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