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What are the best practices in terms of security?

You will find below some best practices to maximise the protection of your Paymium account, your mailbox and your crypto-currencies.

1- Please never communicate your Paymium account password.
Paymium will never ask you for it.

2- Your mailbox enables you to validate your outgoing Euro, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies transfers.
Validation by email is a fundamental security element. Therefore, you should pay attention to the security of your mailbox.
- Use a different password for all your accounts (Paymium, mailbox or others...),
- Use complex and long passwords (more than 8 characters), incorporating capital and small letters, numbers and special signs (@ ,$ ,! ,% ,* ,# ,? ,& ,- ,/ ) for your mailbox and your Paymium account. You can also use a password manager to generate and store long, complex and unique passwords,
- Install a Two Factor Authentication  (Google Authenticator or Yubikey) on your applications, also called 2FA. On Paymium, you can install it by going to the 'Security' tab of your 'Profile',
- Install a 2FA on your mailbox,
- Never communicate your passwords and store them offline.

3- Make sure you do not leave any documents in your mailbox (outbox, drafts and trash), especially your identity documents, selfies and proof of residence or income.

4- Generally, we strongly recommend that you do not keep your crypto-currencies on the exchange platforms or just a minimum for your daily transactions.
It is better to store them offline on devices for which you own the private keys.
Make sure you never store your private keys on a device connected to the internet or another network.
If you buy a hardware wallet, make sure you only do so from the supplier's official website.

5- Beware of 'phishing': we invite you not to click on links coming from unknown addresses and persons.
Always check the URL (https + domain name) of the site you are connecting to.

6- Your crypto-currency purchases should be personal.
Do not let anyone take control of your various accounts.
Please do not send funds to a third party to invest for you, especially if they create an account in your name.
Only make purchases in cases where you are in control of the entire process.

7- Do not hesitate to encrypt your communications and documents. Read this article to find out more.

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