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Should I declare my Paymium account?

For Paymium customers with an individual e-money account in their first and last name:

Paymium is a French company based in France.

Paynovate, its banking partner, is based in Belgium (European Union).

In the spirit of the reporting obligation, if you live and pay taxes in France it should not be necessary to report your e-money account.

Nevertheless, we invite you to contact your tax office.

If you want to fill in a form for the tax authorities, you can use the following information.

Paymium's postal address:
73 rue du château
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Postal address of the current banking partner Paynovate:
Rue des Colonies 18a
1000 Bruxelles

Postal address of the previous banking partner (until June 22, 2023):
Islandijos g. 6
01117 Vilnius

Your IBAN and BIC are available on your Paymium account by going to 'Transfer', then 'Euro'.

For Paymium customers who do not have an individual e-money account in their first and last name, you are not required to declare your Paymium account.

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