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How do I restore my unhosted wallet?

Once you have created your unhosted wallet on Paymium, please install the Electrum application from this link.
Electrum is a free software to restore your unhosted bitcoin wallet and access to your funds.

Please follow the steps on Electrum:

1- Click on File then on ‘New / Restore‘ and select ‘Standard wallet’, then click on ‘Next’,

2- Select ‘I already have a seed’, then click on ‘Next’,

3- Enter your 12 words delimited by spaces, then click on ‘Next’,

4- Select 'BIP39 Seed', then click on ‘OK’,

5- Check that the checksum is ‘OK’ and click on 'Next',

6- Select the legacy address type, choose the derivation path ‘m’ (delete the pre-existing path) and click on ‘Next’.

7- Select the legacy address type and click on ‘Next’.

That is it, your portfolio restoration is complete!

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