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How do the Euro deposit and trading accounts work?

In order to ensure fast execution of your crypto-currency buy and sell orders, you have two separate euro accounts:
- Deposit account: allows you to deposit/withdraw your euros,
- Trading account: allows you to buy/sell crypto-currencies.
You need to transfer your euros between these two accounts depending on the transaction you want to make.
The transfer is almost instantaneous. It may be necessary to refresh the page.

How to do it?

From a computer
Simply go to this page or click on the drop-down menu with your portfolio estimate and click on 'Internal Transfer'.

From the mobile application
Just click on the four parallel bars at the top left and on 'Internal transfer'. Then follow the instructions.

When you want to buy crypto-currency, make sure your trading account is credited.

And when you want to make a euro withdrawal to your bank account, make sure your deposit account is credited.

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