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I do not have proof of residence in the name of my company.

Please send the following documents:
- A handwritten and signed statement from the person hosting your company, stating that it is indeed hosted there,
- A scan of the front and back identity document of the person hosting your company,
- A scan of the proof of residence of the person hosting your company that is less than 3 months old.

Here are the requirements for the proof of residence:
- The document must be less than 3 months old,
- The document must be:
- a bill (water, energy, landline, mobile or internet supplier) in the name of your host and less than 3 months old,
- the latest tax notices,
- a statement or invoice from the housing insurance company,
- a rent receipt (from a social organisation or estate agency),
- a proof of council tax,
- a statement from the family allowance fund mentioning the aid related to the accommodation.

Please note that a bank statement is not considered as a proof of residence.

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