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Once my account is approved and credited, how do I get started on Paymium?

We provide several services on our platform:

- Buying and selling Bitcoin.

- Buying and selling Ethereum/altcoins.

- The Recurring Buy Plan (RBP also called DCA for Dollar-Cost Averaging) for Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Smooth out your investment in an automated way according to the frequency of your choice (daily, weekly or monthly).

- OTC (over-the-counter) for Bitcoin and Ethereum.
For your transactions over €50,000, we offer personalised support.

- The merchant button (service for professionals) for payment in Bitcoin.
Accept payments in Bitcoin and convert the share of your choice.

- Email transfer.
This enables you to send funds to a person via their email address.

- Unhosted wallets.
Make the choice of autonomy and absolute sovereignty over your funds by creating one or more unhosted wallets.

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