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What is an unhosted wallet?

A crypto-currency wallet is secured with a public key (needed to generate addresses that you can share to receive funds), and a private key that enables you to sign your transactions.

An unhosted wallet is a wallet where only you have the private key. You are therefore sure that no one else has access to your funds.

Alternatively, when you store your funds on a platform, the private key is held by the platform.

At Paymium, in addition to taking care of your crypto-currencies for more than 10 years, we also give you the possibility to keep your funds on an unhosted wallet.

In fact, we recommend that our users who want to keep their crypto-currencies on the long term keep their keys themselves.

Paymium is committed to the best practice in securing your assets.
- We store 98% of your funds in cold wallets (not connected to the Internet),
- We keep them in full reserve (the total amount of each client's deposits is available for immediate withdrawal),
- We do not invest them in hedge funds.

How to create an unhosted wallet on Paymium?

How do I restore my unhosted wallet?

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