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How to create an unhosted wallet on Paymium?

From your computer, please login to your dashboard.
Click on ‘My unhosted Wallets’, then on ‘Create a new unhosted wallet’ and follow the 5 steps below.

1- Wallet details

Please read the instructions and the precautions to take.
Then, you will have to fill in the various information requested and click on ‘Generate a wallet’.
As you have seen, you can also offer an unhosted wallet. To do so, simply check the box ‘I want to offer this wallet as a gift’.

2- Template

You have the possibility to add a comment about your unhosted wallet. This comment will be displayed on your Paymium account next to your unhosted wallet address.
Then click on ‘Download in PDF’. We recommend that you print this sheet of paper to keep it cold (offline) for maximum security.
The private key for your unhosted wallet is given to you as a string of words, which is easier to remember.
Follow the instructions carefully, including writing down the 12 secret words on your sheet of paper.

These 12 words are generated only on your computer using the Bitcore javascript library. Paymium never has access to this sequence of words.

3- Seed save

Select the 12 words in the correct order to validate the creation of your unhosted wallet.

4- Seed verification

Once the words have been filled in correctly, your unhosted portfolio will be created.

5- Success

Please confirm your withdrawal request by email or make a crypto-currency transfer to your new unhosted wallet.
The address of your wallet is available in the tab ‘Unhosted Wallets’.

We remind you that in case of loss of the private key, any crypto-currency hosted at this public address will be inaccessible and our team will have no way to help you.

How do I restore my unhosted wallet?

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