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What is a payment button?
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Want to provide Bitcoin payment to your customers?

This is possible thanks to the Bitcoin payment button, which is an online bitcoin payment service.
As a business, you can offer your customers the possibility to pay in bitcoins via your website.
You can choose how much of the payment you want to convert (for example, you can convert 70% of each payment received into euros and keep 30% in Bitcoin).

By accepting payment in crypto-currency, you do not expose yourself to chargeback risks, nor your customer to identity or credit card data theft risks.

Accepting crypto-currency payments with Paymium is secure: your crypto-currencies are kept offline in 'cold-storage'.

How to implement a payment button?
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You have two possibilities:

1- You can generate an invoice directly from your Paymium account by going to the drop-down menu in your Paymium space and clicking on 'Payment Solution'.
Depending on some criteria you have selected (desired conversion Euro vs Bitcoin, information requested from the customer such as email and/or postal address), a line of code will be generated.
You will have to add it in the code of your website page.
Then, you will have a Bitcoin payment button.

2- You can integrate our API and automate the invoice creation process by consulting the API documentation.

What documents must my client submit to create an account?
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If your client is an individual
Please read this article.

If your client is a professional
Please read this article.

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